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1. Learning Preferences

Have you ever wondered why you have difficulty learning from a particular instructor, whereas another seems to explain things in just the right way? Did you ever question why the course that your friend said was so easy turned into a struggle for you?

To put it simply, your learning style (or learning preference) is the way you tend to learn best. It involves your preferred method of taking in, organizing, and making sense of information. Learning styles do not tell us about a person’s abilities or intelligence, but they can help us understand why some tasks seem easier for us than others. There are several benefits of thinking about and trying to understand your learning preferences:

  1. People learn most effectively when the strategies used are closely matched with their preferred learning style.
  2. Sometimes we can improve our learning by knowing what our strengths are and then doing more of what we’re good at.
  3. Often we can improve our learning by knowing what our weaknesses are and trying to enhance our skills in these areas
  4. Different situations and learning environments require different learning strategies, so it’s best to have a large repertoire from which to draw.

Expanding Your Learning Preferences

There are 3 learning style preferences:

  1. Auditory (Learning by Hearing)
  2. Visual (Learning by Seeing)
  3. Kinethsetic (Learning by Doing)

Learning is something we do everyday. Each of us has different strengths and intelligences. We all perceive, take in and process information in different ways (e.g. seeing and hearing, reflecting and doing, reading and writing, reasoning logically and intuitively, steadily and in fits and starts). We each need to find a method of study that works best for us.



One response

  1. SugarMonster

    Good post bobby! Do you know what your learning preference is?…I know mine is multi-modal and apparently thats means that I’m kinda in the middle… I did this test thing and after everything made so much sense 🙂 I get why I’m easily distracted and found it hard to learn… it’s coz I need a variety of ways to help me learne so I don’t get bored with any one method 🙂

    December 17, 2010 at 12:52 pm

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